Spring Time is Here 🌱  ⛅

Its the wonderful time of year when the earth starts to wake up again! It is call springtime! Praise the Lord for every season! Along with the change of season, I made my quarterly round of taking pictures of the farm so that you can have a first hand update of what is going on here on our farm.

Home delivery with UPS is LIVE 🚚

UPS home delivery is available to all members in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Washington DC as well as parts of Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio and New York. In the near future we plan to also make it available to the rest of USA.

Picture Tour! We just passed the fall equinox...

It's hard to believe it is already the time of year that the weather starts getting cooler. However, since the summer days have just passed, there is still an overabundance of grass on our 100% grass, 75-acre farm. It is the time of the year when the crickets are humming and buzzing everywhere, and the trees are just starting to show a tint of their fall colors.

The Amazingness of Grass PART 2

About 5 weeks ago I posted the start of a conversation/research project of grass and where it is coming from. You can read this in our blog page in case you missed it. So one thing for certain that we found in the last 5 weeks is that grass grows and

A visit to the dairy farm

On March 29th I did a spring tour of our Farm and mentioned that in the upcoming weeks I would do a tour of our neighboring dairy farm where we get most of our milk supply.

The Amazingness of Grass

Have you ever stopped and thought deeply about grass? Most of us probably have front yards that need to be mowed about weekly throughout the summer month. But lets face it, when I am talking about grass being amazing, I am talking about grasses on the farm where we let it grow the way God designed it.

The chickens are now exclusively on the pasture.

One of the big things that took place this pass week was migrating the chickens from the barn to the pasture, this took a lot of preparing and planning ahead of time. Making fence, preparing the hoop building so that it will be functional out in the pasture, picking out a good area that will help properly manage the grass and on and on. Lots of small details!