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March 19, 2022

Today I took a walk over the farm with a camera, with the intentions to share with you what the farm is looking like this time of the year.

Praise the Lord for every season! Wow what a contrast compared to one week ago.

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring and there sure are signs of it everywhere.

Bird are looking for a place to make there nest, bugs starting to fly, frogs are crooking. Follow along and check it out in the details of pictures!

Lets start with the chickens. Currently they are still in the their winter home. However, ever day that is not too cold I let out them for about half of the day. 

Within a few weeks they with be exclusively on the pasture.

Here I just opened the door.


Here they are up on the up on the hill you can see in the background in the above photo.


Next I visited the bees. They where really buzzing and seemed excited about the beautiful day after surviving the winter! 

During the winter they are bunched up inside these boxes with insulation wrapped around it to keep them warm.


Robins and many other bird are alive with songs everywhere! 


At the top of the hill the cattle were waiting on a fresh paddock to start grazing on, which David was busy preparing.


Today is one of the first days that there is actually some fresh grass available to eat that grew a few inches with the warm weather we had this week.


David is still supplementing them with a little hay on the pasture to help offset the rich new grass that can actually cause a cow to bloat and die.


After taking a close look on ground you will notice the soil life is alive as well even after a hard winter freeze. Thanks to the careful grazing management over the last few years. Things like plowing and chemicals can destroy the earth worm population in a short time. 

These earth worms are very essential for breaking down the cow droppings and loosening up the soil.  


Within a month or two we anticipate the grass to have grow literally, 2-4 feet tall! 


Another sure sign of spring is the trees pushing buds.


Maybe you have a back yard or small farm and are seeing other signs of spring as well. 

Spring definitely is my favorite! What is your favorite time of year? I would love to hear from you!

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Thank-you for choosing real farm raise food.

​PS; Be on the lookout for a tour that I anticipate to take from the dairy farm in the upcoming weeks! 

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