Home delivery with UPS is LIVE 🚚

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January 7, 2023

I am excited to announce to you the option of UPS home delivery for food orders!

This is a great option if you or your family and friends are living outside the proximity of our pickup locations and still wish to receive farm fresh food.

UPS home delivery is available to all members in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Washington DC as well as parts of Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio and New York. 

In the near future we plan to also make it available to the rest of the US.


Below are some common questions that I suspect you will have. If there are any other question that you may have, I will be happy to answer them.

We are very excited for the opportunity to share our farm food with members across the US!


How will the food be packaged?

We package the food in a biodegradable cooler (made out of corn that can simple be washed down the drain!) inside a cardboard box that can be recycled.

How will the food stay cool?

We pack the food with dry ice and/or ice packs that are drain safe.

Will it cost more to get food via UPS home delivery?

Yes, we need to cover the cost of the packaging therefore we figured the cost of the packaging into the product. 

What is the minimum that I need to order with UPS Home delivery?

The minimum that you will be able to order is $50 dollars. This is needed so that the packaging cost get covered and the larger volume of food helps to keep package cold.

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