The Amazingness of Grass

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April 23, 2022

Have you ever stopped and thought deeply about grass?

Most of us probably have front yards that need to be mowed about weekly throughout the summer month.

But lets face it, when I am talking about grass being amazing, I am talking about grasses on the farm where we let it grow the way God designed it. 

Just think about it, the beef and dairy cattle on our farm and the supporting farms are 100% grass fed.

This means the nutrients and body building substances for the cattle are completely derived from grass! Wow!

Now let take it one step farther......

Where does the grass come from? I could just hear you saying; Well you mean you don't know where it comes from? How don't you know that grass grows from the ground?

Well then, let's see in real life if we can discover something farther and watch it grow. 

This picture was taken in our field today! The cattle grazed it about two weeks ago.


In about 4-5 weeks we will revisit the stake, that will be untouched (as long as the cattle stay in their appointed paddocks) and see how tall it actually is.

Thank-you reading! 

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