Goat Chevre - Garlic & Chive 8 oz.

Goat Chevre - Garlic & Chive 8 oz.

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This is a soft cheese and can be use as a spread or dipping!

Type of goat's are Saanen, Alpine, Nubian  

Goat's diet through spring till fall is a fresh plot of grass twice a day , and fed organically 

Goat's diet through winter is dry hay , and fed organically  

List of ingredients we use for our custom feed mix is as following;

oats, barley, peas, sunflowers, alfalfa, flaxseed and minerals

To ensure that we have no GMO contamination we had a custom feed made with whole grains that have not been genetically modified using no corn or soybeans ect


Pasteurized Goat Milk, Garlic Powder, Chives, Celtic Sea Salt, Culture, Traditional Rennet