Goat Cottage Cheese (1 Pint Glass Jar)

Goat Cottage Cheese (1 Pint Glass Jar)

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Type of goat's are Saanen, Alpine, Nubian  

Goat's diet through spring till fall is a fresh plot of grass twice a day , and fed organically 

Goat's diet through winter is dry hay , and fed organically  

List of ingredients we use for our custom feed mix is as following;

oats, barley, peas, sunflowers, alfalfa, flaxseed and minerals

To ensure that we have no GMO contamination we had a custom feed made with whole grains that have not been genetically modified using no corn or soybeans ect


Raw Goat Milk, Celtic Sea Salt, Dried Lactococcus subsp. lactis and cremoris fermentation product, Traditional Rennet