UPS Shipping: FAQ

Shipping & Food Requests:

UPS home delivery is available to all members in the 50 States.

Yellow = 1 day Ground

Brown = 2 day Ground

Green and the remaining of USA = Next day Air

Q: How will the food be packaged?

A: We package the food in a biodegradable cooler (made out of corn that can simple be washed down the drain!) inside a cardboard box that can be recycled.

Q: How will the food stay cool?

A: We pack the food with dry ice and/or ice packs that are drain safe.

Q: What happens if my products get damaged or the shipment gets lost and all the food spoils?

A: Rest assured that we cover the cost of any and all damage that occurs during transit.

Q: Will it cost more to get food via UPS home delivery?

A: Yes, we need to cover the cost of the packaging therefore we figured the cost of the packaging into the product.

Q: What is the minimum that I need to order with UPS Home delivery?

A: The minimum that you will be able to order is $50 dollars. This is needed so that the packaging cost get covered and the larger volume of food helps to keep package cold.

Q: Can I set up a recurring order?

A: Yes.

Q: Is it more economical if I have other members in my location place an order with me?

A: Definitely. Shipping price per pound decreases with greater weights of shipments.

Q: I only want to order a few things, but the total doesn’t meet your minimum requirement of $50.00. Can I still do it?

A: Please contact us at the following address with more details: see our contact page.

Q: I live in Europe (or somewhere outside of N. America) can I become a member & obtain food?

A: Unfortunately, Harmony Acres isn’t currently accepting members residing outside of North America.